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Lumber Logs LLC

Tom Sontag 
5103 Farlin Ave.
(NOT our mailing address!)
St. Louis, MO 63115 
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Business Information

  • Special Terms or Minimum Order:
          Open for retail the first and third Saturday of each month from 9 - 11 am. All other sales by appointment with a $150 minimum. $500 minimum order to ship. Cash or check only.
  • Retail or retail/wholesale supplier
  • Sells turning blanks
  • Sells carving stock
  • Sells green wood
  • Sells recycled, salvaged or antique lumber
  • Sells sustainable wood
  • Sells logs
  • Pick up and delivery available

Wood and Wood Products

Lumber Logs is an urban log recycler in St. Louis. We collect lumber-worthy logs that normally would end up being ground up, burned or buried in a landfill and see that they get a more noble end. We select a few logs that deserve to be more than pallets or RR ties and have them sawn into the lumber listed below.

We have wide boards, crotch pieces, turning blanks, 4x4s, 4/4, 8/4, some 6/4, burls, more.

All lumber is random width rough sawn and either kiln dried or carefully air dried or drying. We stock uncommon species, so the buying experience is closer to the adventure of an antique store than a trip to a big box outlet. We offer excellent value and variety.


We are open the first and third Saturdays of each month from 9 - 11 am with no minimum order. All other sales are by appointment and carry a $150 minimum. Minimum order to ship from St. Louis is $500.


Cherry, walnut, oaks (plain, rift, and quartersawn), quartersawn sycamore, maples (hard and soft, plain and figured), aromatic redcedar, poplar, ash, osage orange, cottonwood, locust (black and honey), elm, sassafras, mulberry, cypress, river birch, kentucky coffeebean, hackberry, hickory, spalted lumber, willow, ginkgo, buckeye, basswood, catalpa, box elder, pecan, persimmon, gum, turning blanks and crotch pieces.

We sort our lumber into four pricing categories:
A+ - for extraordinary boards of exceptional figure or width,
A - for Select or better in grade,
B - for #1C, and
C - for best value for small projects or parts.
Not all species have all four price points.
NOTE: Add 25% to these prices for any dry piece that was cut 3+" thick. (This applies mainly to dry turning blanks and 4x4s).

LIMITED OFFER: We have a few reclaimed hand hewn barn beams from a tobacco barn in Kentucky. Inquire.

OUR PRICES (per bf):

Wood/Product List

Species/Product Description   Price
Aromatic Cedar B 1.25
Ash A+ 3.25
Ash A 2.25
Ash B 1.50
Basswood A 2.50
Basswood B 1.75
Birch A 3.50
Birch B 2.00
Birch, Spalted A+ 6.50
Black Locust A+ 4.25
Black Locust A 3.50
Black Locust B 2.00
Boxelder turning blanks, A 4.00
Boxelder turning blanks, B 3.00
Buckeye A 5.00
Burr Oak - Curly A+ 6.75
Burr Oak - Curly A 5.75
Burr Oak - Curly B 4.75
Catalpa A+ 3.50
Catalpa A 2.00
Catalpa B 1.50
Cherry A+ 7.00
Cherry A 4.95
Cherry B 2.90
Cherry C 1.00
Cherry Crotch A+ 7.00
Cherry Crotch A 5.75
Cherry Crotch B 4.75
Cottonwood A+ 5.00
Cottonwood A 1.50
Cucumber Magnolia A 2.00
Cucumber Magnolia B 1.75
Cypress B 1.50
Elm A+ 4.00
Elm A 2.75
Elm B 1.75
Gingko A 3.00
Hackberry A+ 4.25
Hackberry A 3.00
Hackberry B 2.00
Hard Maple A+ 4.25
Hard Maple A 3.25
Hard Maple B 1.75
Hickory A+ 4.50
Hickory A 3.25
Hickory B 2.00
Honeylocust A+ 3.50
Honeylocust A 2.75
Honeylocust B 2.00
Kentucky Coffeebean A+ 4.50
Kentucky Coffeebean A 3.00
Kentucky Coffeebean B 1.75
Maple, Figured A+ 7.00
Maple, Figured A 4.00
Maple, Figured B 3.00
Maple, Soft A 2.00
Maple, Soft B 1.50
Mulberry A+ 4.00
Mulberry A 3.00
Mulberry B 2.00
Oak dimensional 2x4, 2x6, etc. 1.25
Osage Orange A+ 7.00
Osage Orange A 5.00
Osage Orange B 3.00
Pear A 5.00
Pear B 3.00
Pecan A+ 4.50
Pecan A 3.25
Pecan B 2.00
Persimmon A+ 5.50
Persimmon A 4.00
Persimmon B 2.75
Poplar A 1.75
Red Oak, Plain Sawn A+ 2.40
Red Oak, Plain Sawn A 1.85
Red Oak, Plain Sawn B 1.40
Red Oak, Plain Sawn C 1.00
Red Oak, Qtr Sawn A+ 4.40
Red Oak, Qtr Sawn A 3.15
Red Oak, Qtr Sawn B 2.40
Red Oak, Rift Sawn A+ 3.90
Red Oak, Rift Sawn A 2.65
Red Oak, Rift Sawn B 1.90
Sassafras A 2.40
Sassafras B 1.90
Southern Yellow Pine A 1.95
Southern Yellow Pine B 1.50
Sweetgum A 2.50
Sweetgum, Qtr Sawn A+ 4.00
Sweetgum, Qtr Sawn B 1.75
Sycamore, Quarter Sawn A+ 4.25
Sycamore, Quarter Sawn A 2.75
Sycamore, Quarter Sawn B 1.50
Tupelo, Black Gum A+ 8.00
Tupelo, Black Gum A 5.00
Tupelo, Black Gum B 3.00
Walnut A+ 5.50
Walnut A 4.75
Walnut B 2.75
Walnut Crotch A+ 7.00
Walnut Crotch A 5.00
Walnut Crotch B 4.00
White Oak, Plain Sawn A+ 2.50
White Oak, Plain Sawn A 1.95
White Oak, Plain Sawn B 1.50
White Oak, Plain Sawn C 1.00
White Oak, Quarter Sawn A+ 4.75
White Oak, Quarter Sawn A 3.50
White Oak, Quarter Sawn B 2.50
White Oak, Rift Sawn A+ 4.00
White Oak, Rift Sawn A 2.75
White Oak, Rift Sawn B 2.00
Willow B 3.00

Other Products and Services

Free local log disposal of any species.

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