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Mark Frieden Hardwoods

Mark Frieden 
3462 Delaware Road
Pomona, KS 66076 
(785) 418-5746 (cell)
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Business Information

  • Special Terms or Minimum Order:
          I prefer to be called by telephone so I can personally answer all questions to the best of my ability. Pickup will be the responsibility of the buyer. Local delivery can be arranged for a service charge.
  • Retail or retail/wholesale supplier
  • Sells FSC- or Green Tag certified wood

Wood and Wood Products

My name is Mark Frieden, owner of Frieden Hardwoods. I have been selling
kiln dried hardwoods for 20 years. We are located in Pomona, Kansas.

I pride myself in giving a personal touch and treating my customers with the same kindness I would like to be treated with in return.

I prefer to be called by telephone so I can personally answer all questions to the best of my ability.

We sell lumber to many local high schools and our individuals visit our business with steady frequency. We sell as little as one board or up to a truck load.

My policy is, we sell one board at a time. I will do my best to treat my customers fairly, because I want them to return again and again.

I sell lumber in the shop with my customers selecting the lumber. Id rather not ship by mail or UPS, due to the high cost it adds to the lumber.

My lumber is kiln dried to around 6-8% moisture. I plane the four quarter material to 13/16 inch or 7/8 inch thick. My planer is a 25 inch Woodmaster with a spiral carbide cutter head. It cuts very smooth and looks professional.

My prices are subject to change, but they stay pretty consistent. I also carry six quarter and eight quarter material. I can also order plywood or lumber with one straight edge added. Discounts are possible with large orders. I will also sell shorter lengths for a reduced price. Most of my lumber is graded F.A.S. or select and I deduct for some knots and cracks.

As of May 2018, these are my current prices per board foot:

Red Oak $3.75
8/4 Red Oak $5.25
6/4 Red Oak $5.25
White Oak $4.75
8/4 White Oak $6.50
Quartersawn Red Oak $4.75
Special Order Quartersawn White Oak $5.75

Walnut $5.75
8/4 Walnut $8.40
6/4 Walnut $8.40

Poplar $3.25
8/4 & 6/4 Poplar $3.50
Ash $3.75
8/4 Ash $5.00
Basswood $3.00
8/4 Basswood $3.50
Cherry $4.95
8/4 Cherry $6.50

Soft Maple when available
Hard Maple $4.50
8/4 & 6/4 Hard Maple $5.25
Bird's Eye Maple $6.50
Curly Maple $6.50

Pecan/Hickory $3.75
8/4 Pecan/Hickory $6.00
Birch $3.60
Beech $3.50

Padauk $11.00
African Mahogany $6.50
8/4 African Mahogany $7.00
Bubinga (African Rosewood) $14.00
Cambia $4.75
Jakoba $8.50
Canarywood $8.00
White Limba $8.00
Purple Heart $10.00
Red Grandis $4.75
Ipe $10.00
Spanish Cedar $6.95
Lacewood $15.00
Wenge/Panga $15.00
Yellowheart $11.00
Zebrawood $16.00
Cumaru $10.00
Iroko $10.00

Aspen $3.00
Cypress $5.00
8/4 Cypress $6.00
Southern Yellow Pine $3.25
8/4 Pine $3.50
Aromatic Red Cedar $3.25
Rustic Alder $3.25
Box Elder $3.95

Also available custom ordering of many different varieties of Plywoods: Red Oak, Walnut. Cherry Maple

MOLDINGS: Also custom ordering of Bass Trim and Door Casing, Chair rail and crown molding on certain species of hardwoods.

Please give me a call.
Phone Number (785) 566-3702
Mark Frieden Hardwoods
3462 Delaware Road
Pomona, KS 66076

Wood/Product List

Species/Product Description   Price
American Cypress
Aromatic Cedar
Black Walnut
Hard Maple
Pecan Hickory
Quartersawn Red Oak
Red Oak
Soft Maple
White Oak

Other Products and Services

Red Oak Shorts - 12" to 15" long

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