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What is Woodfinder®?

Woodfinder® is the unique website that matches up buyers and sellers of lumber, veneer and sawmill services. Woodfinder® members list their businesses, products and services in the Woodfinder® database. We attract qualified buyers to the site through our national advertising efforts. Once customers reach the Woodfinder® search page, they can search the database in any of several ways -- by ZIP code, by wood species, etc. -- and receive a list of all of our suppliers that meet their search criteria. If your business sells wood, veneer or sawmill services, a Woodfinder® membership is the best Internet investment you can make, even if you already have your own website!

What are some benefits of becoming a Woodfinder® member?

Woodfinder® works much like a cooperative, where many businesses join together to generate tremendous marketing power. It's the most effective Internet strategy you'll find for reaching new customers. Your annual membership fee helps support Woodfinder®'s aggressive advertising campaigns in major woodworking publications and on the Internet. It's like advertising in major woodworking magazines for less than the cost of a small classified ad in your local Sunday newspaper!

I already have a website. Why should I join Woodfinder®?

Your website is a great way to give your customers in-depth information about your business and products -- once they find you! A recent Google search for "hackberry lumber" returned a list of 160,000 results! Imagine how many pages there are on "oak!" If your website doesn't show up in the first page or two of a Web search, few customers will ever find you, regardless of how wonderful your site is. Woodfinder® provides the perfect "portal" to your site. When customers find your listing in Woodfinder®, they're only a click away from your site, and we've already given them a summary of your products, services and contact information!

Do I need a website of my own if I join Woodfinder®?

No. You don't even need a computer to benefit from Woodfinder® membership. We will upload your initial Woodfinder® listing for you. Then, customers will reach you by telephone, fax, email or any other means you specify in your listing. We even offer a map link that will give them a printed map and driving directions directly to your place of business. In fact, if you don't have a website, Woodfinder® is the perfect alternative. Why pay a lot of money to have someone design and build you a site -- and more to host and maintain it -- when you can reach more qualified buyers more effectively with Woodfinder®?

How do customers search Woodfinder® for what they want?

Woodfinder® offers several primary search options.
  • QUICK SEARCH: KEYWORD +/- ZIP CODE This is our simplest search option, appearing right in the middle of the Woodfinder® home page. Just type in a keyword -- most often a wood species (or any other search term, such as millwork, moldings, flooring, logs, etc.) -- and the Woodfinder® search engine returns the listings of all our suppliers whose listings include that search term. The search results list is alphabetical by state/province, so you can quickly navigate to nearby suppliers. If you also enter a five-digit ZIP code (US visitors only), Woodfinder® will show you suppliers within 25, 50, 100 and 200 miles of your ZIP code, or just the ten that are nearest to you.
  • ADVANCED SEARCHES: To refine or target your search, click the "Advanced Search" link below the orange search button, and the full list of search options will be displayed, including:
    • keyword
    • nearest suppliers
    • type of business
    • specialties
    • manufactured wood products
    • sawmill specialties
    • plywood and laminates
    • company name

What are some other benefits of Woodfinder® membership?

For one thing, if you sell any of the woods in our Wood Library, your company automatically shows up in the search results whenever a customer clicks on a wood photo.

How do I join?

We thought you'd never ask! It's to become a Woodfinder® member:
  • Online signup: Go to our signup page and follow the simple instructions there.
  • By phone: Call toll-free 1-877-WDFINDR (1-877-933-4637). We'll answer all your questions and sign you up right over the phone.

How much does it cost?

Currently, a one-year membership to Woodfinder® is only $299. That's less than $25 per month! Discounts are available for extended memberships and multiple business locations. Call 1-877-WDFINDR (1-877-933-4637) toll-free for pricing and payment options.

Once I join, how do I get my listing into Woodfinder®?

If you sign up online, you will see a welcome page when you submit the Order Form. Follow the link to the Member Listing page and you're all set to upload your first Woodfinder® listing. You can update your listing at any time--as often as you like! Just click on the Members link, enter your username and password, and edit your listing.

Can I include pictures or graphics in my listing?

Yes. If you know some basic HTML, you may include it in your listing, to display images, format text, etc.

Can I purchase banner advertisements on Woodfinder®?

Yes. We offer several options for advertising, including "keyword banner" ads that appear whenever customers search for certain keywords, keyword phrases or quick search categories. Call us toll-free (1-877-933-4637) for more information.
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