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Eberly Woods

Richard Eberly 
4673 Woodside Drive
Buchanan, MI 49107 
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Business Information

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          We are a 4th generation NWOA Green Tag Certified Forest with full service lumber production. We raise our own trees! We custom fell, mill, kiln, and process lumber to your needs. Some of the services available include quartersawing, slabbing and flitch cutting up to 54 wide, jointing, planing, cross cutting, precision ripping, milling, flooring, and wax cutting. We work with trees from local sustainably grown forests. All of our lumber is log run so you get the best boards from the tree. We specialize in custom milling your color-matched, book-matched project wish list. We number our boards as they come off the mill for easy in book matching. Our terms of business include a minimum pick up of 100 bdft minimum pickup for kiln dried lumber, and some freight shipments or deliveries are occasionally possible. Cash and carry only. We are appointment only so contact us and come visit. We raise our own trees!
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  • Sells veneer
  • Sells turning blanks
  • Sells carving stock
  • Sells FSC- or Green Tag certified wood
  • Sells sustainable wood
  • Sells musical instrument wood
  • Sells boatbuilding wood
  • Offers custom sawmilling
  • Kiln drying available
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Wood and Wood Products

Eberly Woods, a green tag certified forest, is managed by the Eberly family. The Buchanan Michigan forest includes the following tree species: Green and White Ash, Aspen, Basswood, American Beech, Box Elder, Wild Black Cherry, Cottonwood, Flowering Dogwood, Elms, Hickory, Red Maple, Silver Maple, Sugar Maple, Mulberry, Red and Black Oaks, White Oak, Sassafras, Sycamore, Tulip Poplar, Walnut, & Willow. Our Dowagiac Michigan Forest has Black Locust, Red Pine, Boxelder, and Staghorn Sumac which are occasionally available. Red pine log cabin logs are also available. The Elkhart Forest has Willow, Cedar, Red Pine, and Elms. The Bloomington Forest has Butternut, Walnut, Curly White Oak, Red Oak, Cherry, and Sycamore. Our Bemidji Minnesota Forest has Yellow Birch, Aspen, White Pine, Northern grown Basswood, Black Ash, and Spruce. Tamarack and Diamond Willow are occasionally available. Available burls include hard maple and black ash.

Green Tag Forestry Certification Number: US24, MI 03.

Spalted Lumber including Spalted Maple, Spalted Elm, Spalted Oak, and Spalted Ash occasionally available. Burls, Fancy, Curly and Figured stock is sometimes available. 3" & 4" thick flitch cut table tops are regularly available in a variety of species.

Rich Eberly custom mills lumber and cants up to 24" wide, 9' long and 24" thick. He mills crotches and slabs up to 54" wide, 8" thick, and up to 11' long! All stock is end coated,and can be numbered in milling order for bookmatching, and color matching. Quartersawning in the thirds method and masase is also available.

Wood/Product List

Species/Product Description   Price
Aspen 4/4 kiln dried Quaking Aspen $3/bdft
Basswood 4/4 & 12/4 kiln dried $3/bdft
Birch, Yellow 4/4 kiln dried Northern Yellow Birch $3/bdft
Bird's Eye Maple kiln dried 4/4 Surface to 13/16 Cream and Brown both available $7/bdft
Black Cherry kd 8/4 & 12/4 Table Tops Flitch Sawn Varies by Slab & Figure
Black Cherry 4/4 kiln dried $4/bdft
Black Walnut 4/4 kiln dried $5/bdft
Boxelder kiln dried 4/4 flame or spalt $4/bdft
Boxelder 4/4 - 8/4 kiln dried stock $3/bdft
Butternut 8/4 Kiln Dried Crotch Cut Slabs 8' x 20" wide Varies by Slab & Figure
Butternut 9/8 kiln dried stock $6/bdft
Cherry, Black 8/4 Kiln Dried Crotch Cut Slabs Bookmatching Available Varies by Slab & Figure
CSW 102 Kits Kiln Dried Kits custom milled for CSW 102 Delivered to CSW $70 including tax delivered
Elm 12/4 kiln dried Table Top Slabs Varies by Slab & Figure
Elm 12/4 kiln dried 4' lengths, nice color $5/bdft
Elm 6/4 kiln dried 4' lengths, nice color $4/bdft
Elm kiln dried 4/4 & 6/4 Spalted $3/bdft
Hickory kiln dried 4/4 $3/bdft
Maple 6/4 kiln dried lightly Spalted Table Top Slabs Varies by Slab & Figure
Mulberry 12/4 kiln dried Table Top Slabs Varies by Slab & Figure
Mulberry 6/4 kiln dried Mulberry Nice Yellows to Browns $3.50/bdft
Oak, Red 8/4 & 12/4 Kiln Dried Flitches Table Top Slabs Varies by Slab & Figure
Quartersawn Red Oak 8/4 kiln dried 3rds Method $5/bdft
Quartersawn Red Oak 4/4 kiln dried Quartersawn Red Oak 3rds Method $3/bdft
Quartersawn White Oak 12/4 kiln dried quartersawn 3rds Method $6/bdft
Red Maple 4/4 kiln dried white color $3/bdft
Red Oak 8/4 kiln dried $4/bdft
Red Oak 4/4 kiln dried Plainsawn Red Oak $2.25/bdft
Spalted Maple 4/4 kiln dried Spalted Hard Maple $4/bdft
Spalted Red Maple 4/4 kiln dried spalted red maple $3/bdft
Spalted Sycamore 6/4 kiln dried Bookmatched Table Top Slabs $5/bdft
Sugar Maple 4/4 kiln dried $4/bdft
Sycamore, Quarter Sawn 4/4 Quarter sawn Sycamore $3.50/bdft
Tulip Poplar 4/4 Spalted kiln dried Tulip Poplar $3/bdft
Walnut Crotch 8/4 & 12/4 Kiln Dried Walnut Crotch Flitches Varies by Slab & Figure
Walnut Flitches 8/4 & 12/4 Kiln Dried Walnut Slabs Varies by Slab & Figure

Other Products and Services

Furniture builders, cabinetmakers and project woodworkers most welcome. We specialize in custom milling your color-matched, book-matched project wish list and gently kiln drying it to your desired moisture content.

We also make pool cue blanks, turning blanks, woodwind blanks, guitar blanks, and pen blanks.

Kiln drying available!

E-mail us for a complete price list and availability!

1st Quarter Sales
Birdseye Maple S2S 13/16 2A kd $5/bdft
Butternut 9/8 kd stock $6/ bdft
Elm 12/4 Tabletops kd 7' long x 24"-40" Wide $8/bdft

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